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The Last Cigar is about generations of a Portuguese family, beginning in São Miguel, in the Azores archipelago in Portugal, in the 1800s. The story encompasses the struggles, trials, and tribulations of the family through the years with the aim that their future generations can lead more prosperous and rewarding lives. The theme involves specific traditions of the family, such as whenever there is an important meeting or special event, whoever is present will be offered a cigar to smoke from a box containing 20 cigars. Another tradition is that when a son in the family turns 21, the father offers him a chance to attempt to prove whether or not he can beat his father in a fight.
The book encompasses much action and drama, including fighting, accidental killings in self-defense, and even an illegal bareknuckle fight. Other areas comprise the struggles of making a livelihood, fighting for the country of the United States, having a famous Portuguese naval captain in the family, and some revelations from police officers in the family, such as when a retired policeman acts as a Robin Hood to get justice for people when the courts failed to do so.
The book is in the spirit of family, values, traditions, and respect, which is carried over to all nationalities. From building livelihoods by owning properties, a winery, apartment tenements and delivery trucks to dealing with racism to committing violent acts, this book has it all!